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DOTA 2 The International 4 Current Prize Pool ALMOST 10 Million

Believe it or not, but Valve’s DOTA 2 moba has almost raised a community funded 10 million dollar prize pool. Valve had to go back and re-do there stretch goals because they were reached so quickly, now it looks like even theireg1 new model of goals will be reached. They have some work to do, because at each level there are different promises Valve has made to the community to implement. If anything, this is just another sign pointing to the growing popularity of eSports and the power of crowd sourced projects.

We think “The Compendium” was a pragmatic move on Valve’s part. Last year the prize pool for the International 3 was 2.8 million dollars, so this year it’s nearly quadrupled. Are only qualm with all this money going to one tournament is that only the best players will see great financial rewards. It would be nice to see some of this money funneled into development leagues so players could start thinking about careers in gaming a little more seriously. Sure, sponsorships help for those companies that are making gaming peripherals and the like, and want to get exposure for their products, but generally these also only go to the best players (who are usually the ones winning everything). By the way if you are on the market for a shiny new gaming keyboard, mouse, or anything else gaming related you need, we found a few sites to be a pretty helpful which we will talk about later.

Let’s just say this. Even a little money is infinitely more than no money. So we think Valve should consider spreading out the wealth a little more the following years. Just our 2 cents. Progress takes time however, and we think over the next few years we will see development leagues shape up and financial benefits brought into place one way or the other.

With ESL One Prize pool standing at around $200,000, it looks like big prize pools are here to stay—atleast for DOTA2. This is another ambitious undertaking by ESL to fill a whole World Cup sized stadium of about 50,000 with DOTA 2 fans. We will have to stand by and see whether this undertaking is a success or not.

Our fingers are crossed that ESL One and The International are met with wonderful success. If so, we can’t see this trend stopping anytime soon. The eSports train is rolling along! All those naysayers saying it’s just a fad will soon be put to rest.

Are you purchasing a Compendium or going to the live event?

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