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Streaming: How hard is it?

The hardest thing about streaming is building an audience. I think its the first consistent 100 viewers that are the hardest to get. Once you have that base of followers, its so much easier to build on that. If you’ve got about 100 people who will log in to watch you for part of their Twitch entertainment as long as you stick to a regular streaming schedule and you are super interactive with the chat you have a chance at the big time. Of course everyone wants to get paid for playing video games. But not everyone can. You either need to be extremely talented at your game or have a fun personality. Those are the two main ones you always hear. But there’s another less spoken about. And that is the ability to analyze your own game play and break it down for others in a simple way that they can understand and learn. Part of this is multi tasking ability but another part of it is communication skills.

So what are some tips to get you started?

  • Stream regularly… I’ve said it before and I will say it again. If you stick to a regular schedule then the people that are on Twitch at those times will most likely be the same people because everyone has their daily schedule too. So when they login to Twitch they are probably doing it around the same time of day. If that time lines up with your schedule your more likely to capture them as part of your audience.
  • Always talk to people in chat. This makes them feel validated and also entertains. If you can be witty and always stay positive that’s a big one too. People are going to troll but if you respond in a professional or light hearted manner this will show people a strong character.
  • Have a good system. People want to log in a view streams that aren’t all pixelated or laggy. If you can’t afford a good enough system to stream then you should wait until you have one.
  • Know your streaming software. A lot of people don’t have a very nice looking stream because they don’t understand how to tweak their software.
  • Be good at your game. This is a big duh of course you need to be reasonably good at the game you are playing.
  • Pick a popular game. More viewer numbers in that game on Twitch means more possible eyeballs you can get staring at your gameplay.

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